Knoxville, TN-

Kohls and Stiles-They like caging kids.














This couple locked their children in a bare room with nothing but a curdled bottle of milk for them both. Neigbors of a knoxville couple say that while they would see Linsie Kohls (22) and Lee Stiles (23) out and around the complex-they never  saw their children; a 2 year old girl and her 18-month-old brother. Others claim they had heard the children crying and “banging on the walls at night“.

All in the neighborhood were shocked when the couple’s children were found alone in an apartment-and being alone was bad enough, but these babies were found in a bare, concrete floor room.  Wiring was attached to the door so it would stay closed. According to the local sheriff’s personnel:


"There was a camera in the corner of the room,the parents had a monitor upstairs. 
They said they were watching the babies, 
said Lt. Jeanette Harris, withKnox County Sheriff's the
Office Family Crisis Unit.(

Linsie is quoted as saying, she had checked on the children “the night before”, like we’re all supposed to somehow believe that is alright. With children that young, they need on-going supervision, food, attention, affection and care-but somehow this clueless mom and dad believed they could treat the kids like a pet goldfish, (Oh, wait, I’ve seen people treat goldfish better than Linsie and Lee treated their own children-seriously).

So sick of these neglectful parents, you wanted to have children TAKE CARE OF THEM RIGHT! It is not their fault that you a. “weren’t ready” to be a parent  or  b.dropped out of school c.Got ditched by your baby’s mama or baby’s daddy d. Didn’t know how to treat your children because your parents treated you badly. If that’s the case for God’s sake break the cycle and TRY to DO RIGHT by your kids. Go to Parenting class TO LEARN parenting,and Go to counseling to HEAL from a not-so-perfect childhood. If you don’t chances are extremely high that your child will pay for it dearly and you will too, from behind the bars of jail or prison.


Neighbors Never Saw

Couple Charged With Locking Kids in Bare Room-