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Born July 6, 2002-Died March 11, 2007



Spokane, Washington

Update! It only took jurors four hours to reach their decision after 30-year-old Jonathan Lytle’s two-week trial. Jonathan Lytle showed no emotion as jurors announced the verdict Lytle was found guilty of homicide by abuse in the death of  daughter Summer Phelps.

Jurors also found him guilty on three aggravating factors: that he used deliberate cruelty, that the victim was especially vulnerable and that Lytle had a position of trust and authority that he used to carry out the crimes. Now Summer finally has her justice!  Rest in peace little angel.


Summer’s Stepmother, Adriana Lytle
Sentenced to 62.5 years


Jon Lytle

Summer’s Father, Jonathan Lytle

(The Hated Stepchild?)

 It happened on March 11,   Lytle brought his 4-year old daughter Summer to Deaconess Medical Center late that night. Summer wasn’t breathing, and she was covered with bruises. Court documents issued later would indicate that Summer Lytle also was covered with “human bite marks.”It was determined that Summer may have drowned in a tub in which someone made her wash pee-stained clothing. However, with injuries over most of the child’s body, investigators were hedging on the cause of death pending a complete autopsy of the girl’s remains.

The Lytles in court

Adriana facing Jon as he avoids her pleading stare

Spokane police Sgt. Joe Peterson, from the major crimes unit, was quoted by the Associated Press in: “It’s probably the worst case of abuse that any of us in hundreds of combined years in this unit have ever seen.”Summer, Jon Lytle’s daughter by a previous relationship, was said to be developmentally disabled. Court documents referenced in the AP article indicated that Summer was made to wear a ‘shock collar,’ a device typically used to train dogs. This appeared to be the Lytles’ solution to disciplining their 4-year-old.The court documents also said that Summer Lytle may have been beaten with spoons, and a belt. Jonathan David Lytle II, the couple’s 8-month-old boy, was placed in foster care.Adriana Lytle

RIP Summer

 Stepmother to Plead Guilty-May 2008

Source: Spokesman Review

The stepmother charged with homicide by abuse in the death of 4-year-old Summer Phelps has decided to plead guilty, court records show.

Adriana Lytle, 33, has been in the Spokane County Jail since her arrest in March 2007 along with her husband, Jonathan Lytle, for repeatedly torturing, biting and beating the child before she was rushed to Deaconess Medical Center, where she died.
Emergency room workers said it was one of the worst cases of child abuse they’d ever seen, and Summer Phelps’ death shocked the Spokane community.
Adriana Lytle will enter her guilty plea on June 5 at a hearing before Spokane County Superior Court Judge Michael Price. She had been scheduled to stand trial on October 13. The homicide by abuse charge carries a minimum 20-year prison sentence.
In recent months, there has been growing discord between the jailed couple, according to court documents.
In January, Price agreed to sever Adriana Lytle’s case from her 29-year old husband’s based on a motion by her public defenders, John Hunt Whaley and Anna Nordtvedt.
“Both parties have minimized their mistreatment of Summer Phelps, and attempt to lay the lion’s share of the blame on the co-defendant spouse,” according to their motion.
The motion also says Jonathan Lytle is “fired up” to move the case out of the county, but Adriana Lytle’s attorneys argued that would not be in her interest.
At a May 9 hearing, Jonathan Lytle refused to sign off on a waiver to continue the criminal case against him, put on hold on March 31 when he was ordered to Eastern State Hospital for a psychiatric examination. His court-appointed attorneys from the Counsel for the Defense, Ed Carroll and Dennis Dressler, say he is not mentally competent to stand trial.
The results of Jonathan Lytle’s psychiatric examination have not been made public, but it was apparent at the May 9 hearing that Judge Price was prepared to resume the criminal trial by hearing a motion from his attorneys to move the trial due to extensive pre-trial publicity.


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Summer, You Are So Loved and Missed

Affidavit for Search Warrant-Adrianna and Jon Lytle (Below)

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The Sentences 

Jonathan Lytle was found guilty and the Spokane jury has sentenced him to 75 years in prison! He will have endless amounts of  time to think about the hell he put his little daughter thru, lots of time to think about how he took away every special event that should have happened in her life, from losing her first tooth in grade school-to going to the prom in high school. By the way, this sentence is one for the record books, and imo, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.  Lytle will be 97 years old  before having a chance at parole.

Adriana was also handed a more than appropriate sentence.  She will be in prison for 62.5 years. Lots of time for her to think about what made her turn  into the monster she is for torturing and taking the life of an innocent little girl.  Webster’s Dictionary should officially put the mug shot of Adriana next to the word Stepmonster.

Rest in peace little angel Summer,