Mississippi’s Shame
 In 2005, 12-year-old Ashley Andrews was a 7thPearl River County Junior High. A quiet, shy girl, Ashley attended classes there until the 6th of October of that year. Just six days later though, Ashley was dead.
She said she tried to do CPR on her daughter and couldn’t c all 911 as they had no phone in the home. So, she got a neighbor to call. After extensive questioning by the investigators though, the woman’s story began to crack. Then Christina went on to admit that, she allowed Shaun to beat her daughter with tree limbs, a fishing rod, and a belt.

The Road to Tragedy…

: Christina ( who chose men and drugs over the child) was never a real mother to Ashley her whole entire life. Ashley was first removed from Christina’ custody in 1998 for extreme neglect, sent to two or 3 foster homes before her father in Alabama got custody.

Then for some insane reason a chancery court judge in January 2003, RETURNED Ashley to her mother. Christina was awarded custody and the child was uprooted again from Alabama to go and live with her mother and her new husband. So even after Ashley’s father fought for custody, even when her maternal grandmother Kathleen (who raised Ashley until age 7) tried to fight for Ashley and keep her safe, a stupid judge in Mississippi thought it better to return the child to mom. (DHS was against the judge’s decision).

Add to this the abuse she suffered in the home. She had no one to tell, so she confided in a spiral bound notebook, her diary held all the horrible secrets. By October 12, 2005, Ashley’s life was ended. Her baby brother went to foster care, and was later (thankfully) adopted.

Judgement Day…

Shaun Dillard

There was no trial, which is the reason they probably escaped the Death Penalty  See Prison photos here. Shaun got life in prison no parole and then Christina got 20 years, and will be out in 2024.


Christina Andrews Dillard

The state of Mississippi failed Ashley and they need to pay for it.  Any JUDGE anywhere that knows that a parent is a drug abusing , neglectful one, abusive one, or who knowingly allows their child to be abused by their significant other, should not feed an innocent child to the wolves just because they favor parental reunification!


Rest in peace Ashley!



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