kelseybriggsblk.jpg Kelsey Briggs

Meeker, Oklahoma-

(An Innocent Lost,Thanks to DHS)

Kelsey, born December 28, 2002 -this precious little angel died tragically on October 11, 2005 in her home. The state doctor performed the first autopsy said Kelsey died from blunt force trauma to her abdomen and more than one impact.

Kelsey suffered bruises on her stomach,face,chest,thighs,legs, and her right hand. She had abbrasions on her back and a tissue tear in the inside of her mouth. There was bruising to the back of her head. She was literally beaten to death the DA said.

The prosecutor said “her death was the final chapter in a series of physical injuries and abuse.” Previously this baby had endured:

  • A broken collarbone
  • 2 broken legs
  • Several bruises and other injuries from abuse

Her mother Raye Dawn Smith was arrested and charged in connection with her death, as was her mother’s husband Michael Lee Porter. Prosecutors said that Smith either abused the girl or was sitting back allowing the abuse to be carried out by Porter. Kelsey’s stepfather was initially charged with her murder and child sexual abuse and pleaded down to enabling abuse. According to him the child’s mother was the abuser. My the fingerpointing that goes on! Well, he got served a 30-year-prison sentence and this past July 2007, the mother went on trial. She was found (guilty) by a jury and sentenced to 27 years.

That’s a long time to think about what she did and allowed her ex-husband to do to little Kelsey.

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