Two year old Makai Brooks Lamar also known as “Kai” was being babysat by his mother’s boyfriend Chet Shelton, 27 while she worked. During the course of the day something happened and little Kai ended up being brought to a  neighbor’s house by  a panicked Chet Shelton.

The boy was found unconscious, bruised, burned and naked as the neighbor and later emergency workers tried relentlessly to save his life.He’d had head and internal/organ injuries. Chet Shelton admitted to having smoked some meth and later finding the child in that condition. He was the only one left  with the child. So obviously, authorities zeroed in on him, yet his flimsy story just didn’t hold up.


Eventually Makai succumbed to his brutal injuries. According to an arrest affidavit Makai was molested and beaten to death. Read the arrest affidavit here. This poor baby was tortured by this monster.A monster who never should have been around him to begin with.

You see, Chet Shelton is a known serial child molester who had multiple victims before he got to Makai.It was after Makai’s tragic death that records revealed a history of sexual assaults and arrest involving young children. They date back from 2007 up to 2010.

However these charges were downgraded to lesser charges like “injury to a child” which prevented Shelton from having to register as a sex offender. This makes me want to scream, Texas how could you allow this to happen? This man should have been locked AWAY in prison for several years! Because he was allowed to plead down, he was let out and poor Makai is gone forever.

We can’t allow this to happen, when we go easy on pedophiles, a child and the child’s family suffers. Laws need to be enforced, and innocent children need to be protected. Guidelines need to be followed, no breaks for these monsters,EVER.


R.I.P Makai –