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Three Boys Found Dead in Phoenix Home, Murder Suspect Mom Rushed to Hospital


Three boys were found stabbed to death in a Phoenix house and their mother, who is suspected in their death, is clinging to life with self-inflicted slash wounds.

The two older boys, 8-year-old Jaikare Rahaman and 5-year-old Jeremiah Adams, were found dead in a bedroom closet in the north Phoenix home while the youngest, 2-month-old Avery Robinson, was found further back in the closet, stashed in a suitcase, police said. The bodies were partially dismembered.

The boys’ mother, who may have been pregnant with another child, was rushed to the hospital after she had knifed herself in the abdomen and neck, cops said.

She was later identified as 29-year-old Octavia Rogers.

The woman had grown up in Phoenix but moved to Virginia in 2014, AZ Central reported. She had just moved back to her hometown for the birth of the 2-month-old.

She had been living at her mother’s house in Phoenix, where police found the bodies of her sons.

Rogers’s brother told police that his sister was behaving erratically before the bloodshed.When he arrived to the house after work on Wednesday, she started talking to him about religion and then locked him out of the house.

After her brother busted into the house, he found her with multiple knife wounds in the bathroom. She tried to drown herself when her brother went to get towels for the bleeding woman.

She told her brother that she was pregnant while she stabbed herself in the stomach.

While Rogers was rushed to the hospital, she told police officers that her children were with another family member.

The bodies were later found during a routine search of the home.

“The boys were killed during a several-hour period Wednesday night after the woman’s mother left for work and her brother returned home from work before midnight,” a police spokesman told the local NBC affiliate.

Police said they are unaware of any history of mental illness. Cops expect to charge the woman if she survives her injuries.

sources: daily news


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Mom Knew: Daughter was Being Raped, Impregnated 3 Times

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas:

In Arkansas a man was arrested for raping and impregnating an underage girl on July 24th.

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NJ Mom Arrested in Connection to Daughter’s Rape and Murder by Boyfriend



Camden County, New Jersey

Prosecutors say that 22-year-old Michael Disporto sexually assaulted his new girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter  Ariana before she died of blunt force trauma to the head.

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TX Mom Shoots,Kills Her Daughters

Christy Sheats (42) w/ Daughters Taylor (22) & Madison (17)


A mother fatally shot her two daughters on a public street near Houston, Texas, on Friday afternoon, before she too was shot dead by police.

Around 5 p.m. local time, officers began receiving 911 calls about shots fired in the city of Fulshear, just to the west of Houston, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

When they arrived on scene, they found Madison Sheats and her sister, Taylor, had been shot. One of the girls died on the street, but another was flown to a hospital in critical condition but could not be saved.


On Saturday, the Sheriff’s office identified the girls’ mother, Christy Sheats as the shooter.

“The armed shooter was also in the street and, after refusing to drop her weapon, was shot and killed by a Fulshear officer,” the Sheriff’s office said.

“Our officer was forced to take action,” the Fulshear Police Department wrote on Facebook, without identifying the officer involved. “He was not injured and no deputies were injured.”


“This was a tragic and unfortunate occurrence and we are deeply saddened by the results,” police said. “This has been a family disturbance,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls told reporters, “and it appears that the mother ended up shooting her two children.”

“It was a family argument that turned into a shooting,” Nehls told the Houston Chronicle. “But we’re still trying to put the pieces together.”



PA Parents “Gift” Teen Daughter to Man?



A Pennsylvania couple has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly giving their teenage daughter away to a friend, according to the Associated Press.
The Amish teenager was allegedly

“gifted” to the scruffy, heavily bearded, and long-haired man when she was 14 and he was 47 – became his common-law wife, bearing him one daughter at the age of 15 and another girl just six months ago. They caught their neighbors’ attention, raising concerns and eyebrows as they walked outside.

Now 18, the girl, her daughters -and nine other young girls who may be her younger siblings -lived for years with Lee Kaplan in his modest, three-bedroom white bungalow on Old Street Road in the Bucks County working-class community of Feasterville.

Barefoot, wearing the long and simple solid blue or green dresses of their Old Order Amish heritage, the girls would play outside briefly, sometimes in the backyard where they helped grow vegetables and raise a passel of chickens. Property records indicate the house, built in 1926, once had a swimming pool in the backyard.

From time to time, Mr.Kaplan walked outdoors with the girls, holding the hand of the oldest. He sometimes took a couple of them with him to a nearby dollar store or to Lenny’s Hot Dog restaurant.

One neighbor after another called police and child-welfare authorities over the last several months and one reportedly as early as 2013. Their suspicions were apparently not strong enough; police said they were not specifically “child-abuse calls” and did not justify search warrants.

“You knew something was wrong,” neighbor Bob Greenfield said. He said he regrets not calling, too.

Authorities finally acted on Thursday, knocking on Kaplan’s door after neighbor Jen Betz called Bucks County Children and Youth Services. This time, police said they were able to get a search warrant because they had learned a key fact: A girl had been impregnated and given birth. Twice.

Kaplan is now charged with statutory rape of the teenager whose parents “gifted” her to him in gratitude for bailing them out of “financial ruin.” Her parents, Daniel Stoltzfus, 43, and Savilla Stoltzfus, 42, of Quarryville, Lancaster County, are charged with child endangerment.

All are being held on $1 million bail each.

Police said they believe the Stoltzfuses are the parents of all the children except the two Kaplan fathered. The Stoltzfuses claim they are the parents – but investigators said they can’t be sure as there are no birth certificates for any of them.

“It’s hard to even explain – there were a lot of children in the house, living in the basement, hiding in the chicken coop – but they are Amish and they have a different way of life. Authorities said all 12 of the girls were taken into protective custody of Bucks County Children and Youth Services. 


Michigan Mom Beats Daughter to Death


KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Gruesome details were revealed in court, regarding what happened hours before 4-year old Kharisma Richardson was found dead in her north Kalamazoo home.


This comes as her mother sat in court battling for custody of her three other children.

Child Protective Services gave a disturbing account of the horror that they say happened before Kharisma Richardson was found dead.

While investigators work to find out what led to Kharisma’s death, her mother Daveeta Walker was in court Wednesday for a preliminary examination to determine whether she is fit to have custody of her three other children.

Child Protective Services revealed Wednesday that 4-year-old Kharisma was beaten with a belt, punched in the face and chest, and suffered burns so badly her feet and hands had blisters.

Two of the fathers of Walker’s children sat in court, also fighting to gain full custody of their sons after the suspicious death of their sibling.

Kalamazoo Assistant Prosecutor Carrie Klein tells us a child abuse charge was initially submitted against Daveeta Walker in the case involving Kharisma, but was later denied pending autopsy results.


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Mom Marries Son’s Alleged Killer


A New Jersey man murdered his fiancée’s 2-year-old son — then married the tragic tot’s mom six days later, according to authorities.

Jagger Jost, 21, was arrested Monday, some eight months after he allegedly killed little Vernon Gaylord Sylver Jr. with a brutal punch.


The little boy hadn’t even been buried before Jost and his fiancée, Tiffany, decided to tie the knot on May 22. And to this day, Tiffany Jost believes her jailed husband is innocent, attributing his death from blunt force trauma to a fall, not a beating.

Cops were hunting Jagger for almost a year when U.S. Marshals tracked him down Monday in Atlantic City, N.J., where he was staying with an acquaintance. The unfatherly figure was arrested and charged with murder and child abuse.

Little Vernon died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen, according to authorities, allegedly inflicted by a punch thrown by Jagger Jost.

But Jagger told his wife that Vernon landed on his stomach while falling off bricks and sustained the injuries on May 13, 2015. Two days later, Vernon started vomiting and was pronounced dead on May 16.

The couple decided to rush their wedding date because they were so distraught by the toddler’s death, Tiffany told the Inquirer. They married on May 22, nine days before Vernon’s funeral.

Tiffany still stands by her husband, telling reporters that the accused killer loved Vernon like the toddler was his own son.

Jagger is being held at the Atlantic County Jail and is expected to be extradited to North Carolina, where the boy died.

Source: The NY Daily News

Father Arrested for Killing Son to Pursue Relationship


Camden, New Jersey- 

Prosecutors are saying the father of a 3-year-old boy found dead in a park last year killed the child because he had become an obstacle to his relationship with his teenage girlfriend.

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Baby Found Dead on Christmas Eve

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