Tortured and beaten to death

Miami Florida-

Nubia Barahona, just 10 years old lived a very short  life, but a life full of  terrible abuse ,hunger, beatings, torture, and medical neglect. She and her twin Victor  suffered so much after being placed  into their adoptive home with Jorge and Carmen, it’s almost hard to imagine.

Florida child welfare officials passed on acting on several reports made to them by Nubia’s teachers and principal about how the child was possibly being abused due to her appearance, fear of her adoptive mother and her food issues. One report stated:

“Child comes to school unclean, and had bruises on her neck and chin the size of a tangerine, says she fell at home”-


“Child and brother report being forced to stand in a bathtub with hands and feet bound”

foster parents denied any wrongdoing-investigation is then closed.

Another report from girl’s school to DCF (Dept. of Children and Families) said:

“child unkept, for past 5 months,concerns she is not eating at home,always hungry-eats a lot at  school, and is afraid to talk”-(March 2007)

Still another report stated:

“Nubia’s hunger has been uncontrollable, she sneaks food, steals money, is very thin, has hair loss, is  unfocused, nervous and jittery, missed two weeks of school” (June 2010)

Amid all the tell-tale signs that all was not right in the home, the Barahona’s were still allowed to adopt the twins anyway in 2009, by 2011 Nubia was dead, beaten to death while her brother Victor watched.

Then his father doused Victor in some acid substance all over his little body, put Nubia and Victor in his truck and drove on to Interstate 95 where he would later stop the car, and pass out. A search began for the children and Barahona for 4 days.

When Miami-Dade Police finally found them, they saw a grim scene, Nubia’s body was found decomposing in a black garbage bag-and Victor was suffering burns all over from the chemicals Barahona soaked him with. He was taken to a children’s hospital burn unit and survived. Some questions I have:

  1. Why is it the case workers did not act on the behalf of the children they are supposed to protect?
  2. Why was the children’s Guardian Ad-Litem ignored when he raised questions about the Barahona’s being  cleared to adopt the twins?
  3. Why were the Barahona’s allowed to adopt when police had been called out to that home 16 times since 1998?
  4. Why were Nubia’s schoolteachers and the principal not listened to when they sent reports about her being excessively hungry, had bruises seen on her neck and chin areas and her glaring  school absences record?

These are just my questions regarding this case I don’t know how another child and her brother slipped thru the cracks again, when there were  so many obvious signs they were in serious trouble. How can the school do their job, the GAL do their job, nurses in a hospital point out concerns of abuse and neglect-but the PEOPLE who could have done something about the abuse-didn’t? Now a child has paid the ultimate price and a sibling is left behind, scarred forever.


Florida Center for Investigative Reporting