Decatur, Ill.- Ammarah Reynolds was just 4 years old, when her life came to a violent sudden end by her father, Darrell A. Reynolds. He was jailed under a $2 million bond after admitting to police he’d beaten the girl with a belt so viciously that she ended up  unresponsive at the local hospital.  According to police and medical personnel Ammarah’s little body was covered in bruises and scabs. Mr.Reynolds told the police he’d hit the child so many times with a belt that he’d lost count.


On Aug. 31st at 4:51 pm, Ammrah was pronounced dead. Soon after her mother Dal Von Taylor was also arrested and charged with felony endangering life/health of a child. Mom told police that Darrell was also abusive to her as well as Ammarah.

Why she failed to get away from this man and continued to place her child and herself in danger is beyond me. I believe even if she was a victim of Ammarah’s dad’s violence-she had a responsibility to protect her child and leave him. She didn’t and now her child is dead and she too will face serious prison time.  She had a choice and the poor child had no say but the child paid the price for mom’s decision to stay.

R.i.p Ammarah