Camden County, New Jersey

Prosecutors say that 22-year-old Michael Disporto sexually assaulted his new girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter  Ariana before she died of blunt force trauma to the head.

 According to Christine Shah of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, 26-year-old Amber Bobo picked up her 2-year-old daughter, Ariana Smith, from her father’s home Saturday evening and went home.

Disporto, mom’s boyfriend of just two weeks, took Ariana to the park to “get to her know her better” and then to a firework display across the street. Bobo did not accompany them for some unknown reason-and gave this strange man access to her small child.

When they returned, Bobo put Ariana to bed in her room and watched television with Disporto before going to bed at around 11 p.m., leaving Disporto to sleep on the couch. When Bobo woke up,the next morning, she found Ariana on the couch wrapped in a blanket wearing totally different clothes. Soon  during a bath, she discovered bruises to the child’s back,two bruises on both sides of her forehead and some genital bruises as well.

When confronted, Disporto said Ariana must have fallen at the park the day before.
Disporto also said he had no idea how the girl got the injuries and convinced Bobo not to take the girl to the hospital in fear of “what people would think.

Shockingly this mom listened to him, as the girls conditioned worsened, and they instead put a hat on Ariana’s head and went to the mall. When they returned home, Bobo wanted to take Ariana to the hospital because she had vomited 3 times. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she wasn’t moving.

Mom wanted to take the baby to hospital, yet-Disporto once again stopped Bobo, saying that Ariana was “just tired” and that if she did take Ariana to the hospital she would never see him again.

EMTs were not called to the home until 6 p.m.  they found Ariana unresponsive. Once at the hospital, the little girl had bleeding and fluid on her brain, bruising and swelling consistent with sexual assault, a broken arm, bruising and fluid in the lungs and both blood and urine in her stomach.

Despite doctors’ best efforts to save her life, Ariana was taken off life support two days later and died Tuesday. Mom and boyfriend were arrested and I hope they NEVER get released!

This is an example of a mother who invited evilness into her child’s life because they can’t handle not having a man. Once you have a child as a mother you’re to protect your child at all cost, no matter what. You don’t invite strangers in your life and your child’s life-endangering them by leaving them ALONE w/ these men. What the hell was this mother thinking? Never let some man you met two weeks ago be more important to you than your child!  R.i.p Ariana,

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