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Adrionna was 3 years old, almost 4


For many weeks, Allegheny County police were trying to find out how little Adrionna Williams’ body ended up in a wooded area of Swissvale. Now after a series of clues and after weeks of intensive police investigation and forensic analysis.They not only know how the girl died but who was her killer: Her very own mother.


Across more than a dozen pages, the criminal complaint describes evidence including cellphone records, security camera images, evidence of mud and paper clips from the mother’s car and from the secluded area where the child’s body was dumped. Now they’ve made an arrest of 26-year-old Adrienne Williams after her (phoney) pleas on facebook for the safe return of her daughter.

The criminal complaint reveals the toddler was asphyxiated and her body was left in a ravine- less than 2 1/2 miles from the girl’s home. That’s where she was reported missing a short time earlier by other relatives (not Mom).

The girl’s mom Adrienne, according to relatives was a single mom and having a hard time dealing.

Detectives said that a notebook in which Adrienne Williams wrote obscenity-filled entries about her stresses as a single parent was found in her car, according to the criminal complaint. They also quote witnesses describing Williams’ apparent anger at her daughter shortly before the last time the child was seen alive.

Her loved ones are saying Mom wasn’t struggling so bad b/c they had the child in their care the majority of the time. This is very sad because I feel the mother killed her child out of jealousy that the baby was getting more love and attention then she was. She resented this.Adrienne had to hate this child to end her life the way she did, her own child and there’s no excuses for this.If she didn’t want the child she could have transferred custody over to a relative. Now she’s gone and Adrienne’s life is over too, facing a long jail sentence. This didn’t have to happen.

Source: wtae