Police say 7-year-old girl was living in a home filled with piles of trash, animal feces and swarms of flies.(hln)

Screenshot 2015-07-14 at 6.25.19 PMPolice in Newburyport, Massachusetts, have charged  both a mother and grandmother with reckless child endangerment after law enforcement says they found a 7-year-old girl living in a home with “deplorable” conditions. Authorities say they learned about the condition of the home from an anonymous tip to the state child abuse hotline.

Authorities had difficulty moving around the home due to the sheer volume of “stuff” and found it to be unsanitary, according to a Newburyport police news release. Officer Kevin Martin called it, “one of the worst living conditions I have ever witnessed.”

Inside the house, police found filthy clothes, trash, and animal feces covering the floors. Flies were also found all in the home, and fly strips hung down from the light fixtures.

The rooms in the home had limited access due to the piles of clothing, trash and furniture. Investigators say they found only one way out of the house through the rear door and all other doors and windows were blocked or inaccessible. The police news release states the health department has authorized them to condemn the home and remove all its occupants pending further inspection.

The 7-year-old child was removed by the Department of Children & Families (DCF) and she is in the care of family members, according to police. DCF is also assisting the family in relocating.

Here’s hoping the other family members aren’t as disgustingly filthy and that wherever they relocate to-they are taught how to keep a home CLEAN

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In a statement to HLN, DCF spokeswoman Michelle Hillman said, “The Department received a report and we are investigating. We are also collaborating with law enforcement in their investigation.”

The girl’s mother, Kristen Paquette, 32, and grandmother, Debra Paquette, 54, have each been summoned to appear in court on a reckless child endangerment charge. They have not been arrested. The date of their court appearance has not been determined. Kristen and Debra Paquette could not be reached for comment. It is unknown if they have retained counsel.

Source: hln