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Isaiah Torres, age 6

According to court documents, at the time of his death Isaiah was home schooled by Cathy Torres.

However, school records show he was previously enrolled at the Ambassadors for Christ Academy in Bentonville.

An administrator at the school released a statement, “During his time at the academy, DHS was hotlined with our concerns, and we are in full cooperation with all appropriate authorities at this time.”

The school confirmed that Isaiah did not return in the Fall of 2014.

According to the probable cause report, Isaiah’s death was a result of internal injuries caused by rape and abuse.

In the report, police said the boy had “heavy bruising and cuts all over his body, including his head, knees and feet.”


The Torres’ told police their family had returned from a camping trip in Missouri. In the report, they told police that the boy was complaining of a stomach ache and was weak.

During the investigation, detectives said they found blood on a camper mattress and inside the couple’s home on the walls and floor.

The girls told detectives they’ve seen Mauricio hit the boy with a belt, an extension cord and with his knuckles on top of the boy’s head.

A detective asked Cathy Torres about the injuries on the boy’s body, mentioning that it may be a result of child abuse. Cathy Torres denied knowing of any abuse stating, “I didn’t do it, let’s say that,” according to the probable cause report.

Cathy Torres told detectives they rarely spank the kids. She said that her husband is loving with the children, according to the statements in the report.

The Bella Police Department said the boy was taken to the emergency room at Mercy on March 29.

The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Following an autopsy. the Arkansas Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide.

According to the report, Mauricio said the Isaiah was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in 2014 to be treated for a “chemical burn.”The doctors at Children’s Hospital told police their medical database showed the boy was treated for an injury to his back.

The sisters of Isaiah were placed in DHS custody.

The mother had filed protection orders against her husband in the past. In the documents, she told police he threatened to kill her and bury her in their backyard.

The Torres’  faced several charges including rape, capital murder and first degree battery.