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White Springs, Florida-

I know the younger sister of this boy killed him but to me, after reading a bit more on this story- the parents caused ALL of this. Let’s start with how, according to the sister’s police statements, she endured years of sexual abuse from an uncle. Then this same girl is neglected by her parents, locked in a room for like 20 days at a time, with a bucket to pee in and a blanket. Add to this, the fact that the girl had suffered a beating from her older brother and he again locked her in her room. Where were the parents? Out of town and left these kids ALONE at the home, along with a toddler and a gun. A gun that once she escaped ( with the help of her 11 year-old sister) -the 15-year-old would use to end her  16-year-old brother’s life. Knowing all the problems this girl had, why would the parents leave them all alone? A tragedy was bound to happen. Because of this, I feel the parents needed to be charged- and they rightfully were:

The girls are in being held in juvenile detention on suspicion of murder, and a prosecutor is trying to decide whether they will be charged as adults. Their parents face charges of child neglect and failing to supervise.

The 3-year-old is in the custody of child welfare officials.

Police documents released Wednesday said the girl’s uncle was convicted of molesting her in 2010. They also say the children’s mother discovered the siblings having sex in 2011. Authorities and child welfare officials investigated, but no one was charged.

From: msn

ps  Prosecutor is trying to decide if this girl and her younger sister should be tried as adults in the murder of their older brother? Florida has major issues.