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Colton Brandt Turner (2)

Austin, Texas-

A few days after his mother Meagan Work told police that her 2-year-old son Colton was missing-sadly police have unraveled the horrible truth about what really happened to him. Police this past weekend found his remains buried near Felter Lane in Southeast Austin. He was never really ‘missing’.

What Really Happened to Colton:

According to law enforcement the child’s mother’s boyfriend Michael Brandt Turner (back on July 6 or 7) told police he heard Meagan yelling for him. He ran outside and found Colton was not breathing normally. Investigators indicate he may have been having a seizure. Turner told investigators he climbed into the car and was going to drive the toddler to the hospital but Work told him they’d get in trouble and Colton would be taken from them. Instead, Turner drove to a motel where Work put ice on Colton’s head.

Work told investigators she fell asleep and discovered Colton dead the next morning. She and Turner waited until sundown to bury Colton. The pair wrapped him in a purple blanket and buried him in a shallow grave that Turner dug with a knife. Then, they decided to move Colton’s body to a different, deeper location off of Felter Lane. Turner borrowed a shovel to dig the grave, then covered the site with wood and Sheetrock.

(from KXAN)

I won’t go into all the changing stories and excuses from the mother in this case, and how could this cold-hearted heathen possibly abused her son until it resulted in his death in July.What I WILL go into is how all the friends and relatives of this child FAILED HIM miserably! CPS plays a part in this but the bigger blame goes to those people who saw the bruising on his face and little body in PHOTOGRAPHS on Facebook and did NOTHING until it was way to late, cause he was already gone. WHAT IN God’s name were you waiting for to call the law? Or how about the people who just took Meagan’s word that the little boy was staying with unknown unheard of friends-and not seen for several weeks at a time?

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You people all have Colton’s blood on your hands, along with his mother and her boyfriend! Were you so afraid of the cops you guys couldn’t step up and help to save this little boy?! Forget your fear, but what about his? He was being beat horribly don’t you think he had a much BIGGER FEAR-of his own MOTHER and her man?! I’m so sick of people like this, this little boy didn’t have to die if only someone had the guts to call the POLICE! Read more about the case and read the affidavit at KXAN.

Note: Mom and boyfriend are being charged with tampering with physical evidence as of now, with additional charges pending.