Blackstone, Massachusetts- It’s been all over the news now, so I’m sure you’ve heard about this Mass mom who police say lived in a squalid home. She was with her 2 kids, but police said they found 3 more of her dead babies, and 2 severely neglected at the now condemned house.

Can DCS be blamed again? Those kids living in a hell-hole of a home in Blackstone were not under their care, they said. DCS did receive a call about the family, back in 2007, and visited their home. The Department maintains a social worker did a thorough investigation, but found next to nothing amiss, and did not open a file on the family. Really?

So maybe we are not looking at a failure by this overwhelmed state agency. Which means we must confront something even more terrifying: That, sometime after they visited, Erika Murray dragged her children down into a years-long abyss, from which nobody saved them-until now.

What we know so far about what those kids endured is too gut-wrenching to contemplate. The squalor alone is unthinkable – filthy diapers piled  2 ft. high, mice, the remains of animals, a house so disgusting it has been condemned.

Yet that is the least of it. Three dead infants were hidden away in the house. A five-month-old and a three-year-old were found alive, but not really living, subjected to an isolation so absolute that it has stunted them. Two older children lived in the midst of this misery but somehow made it to school each day. people are now coming forward to report the children always wore the same clothing and that 1 of the older kids told friends he “didn’t want to go home.” Now we all unfortunately know why,