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Little Dakota Arndt (3)

Little three-year-old Dakota Arndt’s toy trucks were still lined up next to the TV on the living room floor of his great-great uncle Felix Leffew’s house Saturday evening.Leffew spoke quietly, solemnly as he recounted how Dakota used to play and eat crackers — not cookies — at the house.

Just down the street, at 10710 Jenkins Circle in Soddy-Daisy, was the house where Dakota and his mom, Brianna Kwekel lived. And it was the house where police say Kwekel’s boyfriend, Justin Dale Bradley, inflicted fatal injuries on the boy.

Bradley, 23, was charged Saturday night with criminal homicide and is in the Hamilton County Jail, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Janice Atkinson said in a news release.


Leffew said Kwekel was not home Wednesday night when her baby was rushed to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger and placed in intensive care.

She was in jail at Silverdale, the county lockup, serving 48 hours for a DUI. She had left her son with Bradley, her live-in boyfriend, and her brother Cliff Smith, who also lived in house.

Kwekel’s cousin, Terry Leffew, Felix’s son, said Smith told him and investigators that he left Wednesday night to go to Walmart after Dakota went to sleep. He got home a couple of hours later to find Bradley walking from the back of the house, carrying the limp child and yelling at him to “wake up.”

Bradley told Smith that Dakota had drowned in the bathtub. Smith said he immediately called 911 and started to perform CPR, Terry Leffew said. Sheriff’s deputies and EMS arrived and took over the life-saving efforts, speeding the little boy to the hospital.

Neighbors, along with the Leffew family, heard that the child drowned. Terry Leffew, who lives up the street and frequently visits his cousin, said he spoke to Bradley that night and believed something was wrong with his story.

When Terry got to the hospital that night, he said, medical reports showed Dakota had experienced severe trauma, with multiple injuries to his skull and a dislocated shoulder. The boy was placed on life support but declared dead Friday night.

Neighbors said that Kwekel and Bradley fought constantly and that the police were often called to the address.

“They got into shouting arguments that could be heard from up and down the quiet neighborhood street,” a neighbor said. “I was too afraid some days to go to my mailbox, which is near their house, and even asked the post office to have my mailbox moved.”

Bradley, was arrested Aug. 11 for on a charge of assaulting Kwekel. She took out an order of protection against him but had softened and let him move back in, Terry Leffew said. Terry said the family was shocked by what happened. Even though they didn’t like Bradley and had tried to talk Kwekel into leaving him, they never expected something like this to happen to Dakota.


“It’s hard to imagine that anyone could do that to a kid,” Terry said. “Grown-ups were put here to watch kids, to protect them.”


Source: TimesFreePress


My note: This is so very sad this little boy had to die like this, and while I can see mom loved her child, she clearly could’ve done better to protect him from her abuser, that was obviously Dakota’s abuser too. LADIES–don’t let the boyfriend’s sweet-talking and empty promises let you cancel any EPO’s against them.Brianna Kwekel did, she let her man back in and now her 3-year-old is dead. Put your children’s safety FIRST!