Connie Sue McCall
Ronnie Lee McCall

An East Tennessee couple is facing a list of charges, accused of selling their children to take part in sex films.

Connie Sue McCall, 40, and her husband, Ronnie Lee McCall, 61, of Johnson City have been charged by a federal grand jury.

Paperwork shows the couple was selling their four daughters.

Prosecutors said the four girls were between the ages of 5 and 16 when this happened.

They also say their parents were strung out on bath salts at the time.

Investigators believe the children were taken to several places, and forced to perform sexual acts. The family was also found living in unsanitary conditions.

“Just filth and extremely deplorable,” said Investigator Debbie Dunn with the Johnson City Police Department.


Investigators say their six year old daughter had head and body lice, flea bites, ring worm, and severe dental problems.

“The amount of tooth decay, you can imagine, was extremely painful. She had black teeth, and holes in all the teeth, just really inexcusable,” Dunn said.

An investigation found the couple’s four girls had been forced to perform sexual acts in different parts of Johnson City. The US Attorney’s Office picked up the case after they learned one of the children had been taken to South Carolina to make porn.

So glad these kids are safe now, it makes me so mad and sick to think their parents did this to them. I wish all 4 of them the best, and as for the disturbingly sick parents, I hope swift life sentences w/o a chance in hell at parole!

Source:  Couple Charged with Child Selling