Man finds two bodies after Johnson County standoff

Two people are dead including a child and one more is the hospital after a standoff and nearly 11 hour search in Johnson County.

Two bodies were discovered Sunday morning ending the search for a shooting suspect.

Sheriffs deputies surrounded the crime scene where a mom shot her young daughter and then turned the gun on herself

It was long night for authorities as they searched the wooded hills of Johnson County for a woman accused of shooting a man, then shooting at deputies and running from police with her six year old daughter.

The normally quiet McEwen Road turned into a crime scene just after 10 p.m. Saturday.

That’s when the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department received a call about a domestic fight that led to a shooting.

Sheriff Mike Reece says when one of his deputies arrived they found 50-year-old Mark Johnson, who lives at the home, with gunshot wounds to his stomach and hand.

Sheriff Reece says the suspect, 31-year-old Heather Finely Buchanan, fired a gun at a deputy, “A female came out with a weapon and began shooting upon my officer, fired round on my officer.”

According to Sheriff Reece Deputy Adam Gwen was not hurt by gunfire. Deputies threw a smoke grenade into the home, but when they got inside the suspect was gone. That’s when the search began.

Deputies say during the search someone gave them a tip that Buchanan had her 6-year-old daughter with her.

As the search continued neighbors say they weren’t sure what was going on.

“The law was up here running around, but I didn’t know what happened,” says Bill Dunn.

Dunn tells us he came to his son’s house and that’s when he noticed two women laying against a wall.

“I though they were sleeping and when I got closer I noticed they weren’t breathing,” adds Dunn.

Just after 9 a.m. Sunday the search came to an end.

“Upon the arrival of my officers, we found two females deceased and it was the female involved in the domestic shooting last night and her daughter,” says Sheriff Reece. We’re told Buchanan and her daughter Lexis both died of gunshot wounds to the head.

Investigators are still working to determine a motive for the shootings.

We do not know the condition of the victim in the hospital.

Source:  WYCB