The remains of a one-year-old boy have been found in a densely wooded area in southwest Ohio.

According to Hillsboro Police, a call was made to Richmond Police on Thursday concerning a suspicious death of a child.

Now the children’s mother, Whitney Johnson and her boyfriend, Nathan Ritze are facing charges in connection with the one-year-old’s death.

The boy’s father, Ian Niehaus, says he had not seen his son since December.

Relatives of one-year-old Garin Niehaus say for the past six months his whereabouts have been a mystery.

Police say the remains of the baby found in Hillsboro, Ohio, are likely that of Garin Niehaus (

Ian’s family says Whitney took off with their three children after they broke up last year.

“Ian has raised these children, all three of them since they were babies. He was the stay-at-home dad,” said Ian’s sister, Emily Hall.

They say Whitney moved from Ohio to Richmond to live with her current boyfriend, Nathan Ritze.

“Ian’s been concerned for all three of the kids since she left with this guy,” said Ian Niehaus’s sister Leah Niehaus.

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On Friday, Ian’s concerns were confirmed when police got a call that the one-year-old had suspiciously died.

On Friday, police went to the couple’s Richmond apartment to look around. Ritze, who was the only one home at the time, allegedly ran when the cops arrived.

Police also found two children in the apartment who have been taken into custody of Kentucky Protective Services.

Officers eventually caught up and arrested Ritze and Johnson.

After questioning the couple, police were led to a wooded area in Hillsboro, Ohio where

they found the remains of one-year-old Garin.

“Ian, the father, searched very hard and took very many steps to find his children but it just didn’t seem to help, and this is what came about,” said Amy Hampton, a family friend.

Now the couple is behind bars charged with 5th Degree Abuse of a Corpse and 3rd Degree Tampering with Evidence.Whitney Johnson and Nathan Ritze are also charged with being a fugitive from another state


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