Jaica Rowley

Mesa, Arizona-

Jaica Rowley, 36, was arrested on charges of child abuse last week after police say she zip-tied her 11-year-old son to a pole in the backyard so she could run errands.

Police responded to her home after a neighbor called to report what sounded like a boy being hit by someone.

When police arrived at the home, they found the child sitting with his arms and legs around a porch support post, with his hands and feet zip-tied together. Officers saw some blood on the boy’s hand and on the porch.

“The zip ties were too tight, and he was complaining,” said police spokesman Detective Steve Berry. “Through using scissors, or something like that, to cut them off, she managed to cut his finger as well. That didn’t apparently stop her from re-zip tying him to the pole.”

The below statement is from Rowley on the incident, following her arrest:

“I never intended for my kid to be hurt. I was only trying to keep him safe and in one spot long enough for me to get my daughter out of the car. Every time he’s in trouble, he takes off running,” says Rowley. “It was I needed to make sure that he didn’t take off, because he knew he was in trouble for shoplifting, until I could get my 2-year-old out of the car seat and in to change her diaper and figure out what I was going to do, so that I could finish doing the errands or whatever that I needed to do prior to him being arrested.”

Rowley was booked on one count of child abuse and one count of unlawful imprisonment. She is on supervised release and is not permitted to return to her home or see her children.The children have been taken into protective custody.

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