Bowling Green home where 19 children found alone(abcnews)

Bowling Green,Ky- A mom was in trouble with the law for leaving 19 kids alone in a sweltering Kentucky home. Jackie Farah was charged with 14 counts of criminal abuse, and 5 counts of wanton endangerment in Warren Co. Kentucky.

The 32-year-old is mom to just some of the children found in the home but she along with an Irving “Joe” Smith left the home, going out of town on June 27th, and those children were left in the home with no food, no air conditioner while a heat wave hit the area.

Jackie Farah


When police were called to the home by a neighbor-they found 19 kids from 8 months up to 14 years old, and several dogs (along with their feces scattered on the floor of the home 1 inch thick) along with a cat.

Additional charges are pending after Farah’s case is presented to a Grand Jury.


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