SALEM, Oregon – A mother in Salem, Oregon has been arrested and charged for allegedly allowing her 17-year-old daughter to strip at a club.

Surveillance video done by police shows the mother, 42 year-old Christina Lopez, watching her daughter dance on-stage and giving her cash.

Day Westine, a neighbor, spoke out against the mother: “Either she’s stupid or she really needed money badly. I can’t imagine her mother doing that.”

Back in January, Lopez came to tv  station KOIN Local 6, up in arms over the strip club’s hiring of her underage daughter.

“It makes me sick, because there’s sex offenders out there. To me, she’s still a little girl,” said Lopez at the time.

But after seeing the surveillance video, Salem Police arrested Lopez and say she encouraged her daughter to strip at the club.

In her January interview with KOIN, Lopez said her daughter needed money to raise her child.

The owner of Presley’s Cabaret said that Lopez’s daughter showed them a fake I.D. and they would never knowingly hire someone under the age of 18.

Lopez is currently in a Marion County Jail on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission continues the investigation into Presley’s, but no citations or sanctions have been filed against the club.

Source: WTSP