Ford Jr.

Cleveland, Ohio – Kevin Ford Jr. was caught after a manhunt yesterday following a ‘domestic disturbance’ at a home at a CMHA housing complex. Police say that around 10 a.m., Ford and his girlfriend, Tiffany Lawson, 31, began to argue.

Ford reportedly chased Lawson through the house while she was holding their 18-month-old boy in her arms. Authorities say that Ford sprayed lighter fluid on Lawson – prompting her to run upstairs in the two-story townhouse.

Yelling to a neighbor who had heard the commotion, Lawson managed to toss the toddler out the 2nd story window to the person below immediately before Ford lit her on fire. Lawson then reportedly tore off her burning clothes and jumped out the window.

The toddler was caught and suffered no injuries. Doctors said Lawson sustained first-degree burns to her right hand and leg and a broken right elbow and arm.

Ford – after unsuccessfully attempting to burn down the home – fled on foot. He was later captured. His charges have not yet been reported.

Source: Dreamin Demon