4 year old Beaten to Death by Stepmom

The Plains, Ohio

Kaylen Young

4-year-old Kaylen Young is dead after police say, her stepmother Ashley Jean Young (25) horribly ‘assaulted’ the little girl causing her to arrive at a local hospital clinging to life. Police went to the home of Ashley Young in response to a 911 call about an injured, unresponsive child. Paramedics found the child unconscious and with ‘suspicious marks’ on her body. Shortly after, Kaylen was life-flighted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Columbus.

By that time, the little girl was showing no brain activity and her family members sadly had to make the decision to remove Kaylen from life support.  Stepmother Ashley Young was the only one home with the Kaylen when this incident took place, while her husband, (and Kaylen’s father) was at work.

Alarmingly, the investigators  say the child’s face was found ‘imprinted in the carpet in the home’, and that hair samples were taken from the home, as the scene gave hints of a violent incident taken place at the crime scene. Ashley Young was arrested and charged with murder, felonious assault and now is in jail on a $1 million bond.  She will not be getting out anytime soon Thank God.! What could a 4-year-old do to make a grown woman so angry to beat her and end up killing her? Senseless and so sad this little child is now dead at the hands of a woman her dad trusted to love and take care of.

Rest in Peace, Kaylen Michelle Young

Sources: Athensnews.com

Athens Messenger

Author: geminigirl07

fighting for child abuse awareness and prevention in America,continuing to be a child advocate-daily.Also am a huge Soap Opera fan B&B and Y&R, art, nature, photography too.

2 thoughts on “4 year old Beaten to Death by Stepmom”

  1. Thankfully this Evil B**ch is NEVER getting out, hopefully she will get hers in prison, R.I.P. Beautiful Angel❤

  2. A 25 year old woman being jealous of a 5 year old child, cos thats what it comes down to when these worthless step parents kill these angels. Nasty nasty bitch. And the real parents of these kids, they didnt ask or get asked if they wanted or needed a perfect stranger to them becoming their new mum or dad, but they are forced into a situation that they just have to put up with and on top of that these fuckarses beat, torture and kill them because they see their worthlessness every time the look at their stepkids. You’ll get yours lady, oh hell yeah just you wait lol.

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