Irvington, NJ-

Venette Ovilde is in jail after police found her 8-year-old daughter Christiana Glenn dead in their home. Her two other children 7-year-old Christina and 6-year-old Solomon were also discovered in the home weak, from malnutrition, with various bruises on their bodies, and healing.
fractures. Both children were so malnourished they could not even walk.
From their hospital beds the children told investigators they lived a horrible routine existence. They recalled numerous beatings at the hands of not only their mother, but mother’s roommate Myriam Janvier (also arrested). The beatings were done using open hands, cords, sticks or wood.

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The children were tied to radiators in a light-less pantry, used a bucket for a toilet. At night they slept on the floor.The children were constantly hungry and were only fed some type of homemade soup.

The mother had DYFS complaints made against her 4 separate times from tips to the child abuse hotline, alleging physical abuse and neglect of her 3 children.

March 2006:neighbor reports hearing Ovilde cursing at children, followed by many stomping, bumping and fighting noises with children screaming.

January 2008:another neighbor reports that when frustrated from potty training Christiana, Ovilde beat her with a belt and  when she wet the bed. 3 months after that, another report stated ‘mom regularly beats kids and left them unattended to.

Yet each time a complaint was filed-they were determined by DYFS investigators/case works to be ‘unfounded’ and in 2008 Ovilde’s case was closed, and now police say Ovilde deprived her children of medical care and of food. This resulted in her daughter’s death, and an autopsy confirmed that the Christiana died from malnutrition and an untreated broken leg.

Were the children’s abuse related to a religious sect?

Some relatives are claiming that Ovilde’s children were mistreated and abused as a result of their mother’s following of a religious/spiritual  leader named, Emanyel Rezireksyan Kris, an obscure religious leader within the local  Haitian-American community who wears white. He is said to be the person that Ovilde and her roomate Janvier  followed. But did his teachers tell them to beat these children-break bones, withhold food to the point of death, and leave them unattended in their home? Is he the one that told these two to force the children to pray 4 times a day and have them dress in white clothing, tie them to radiators?According to friends, family and neighbors, Christiana and her brother Solomon, 6, and her sister Christina, 7, were taught by Emanyel Rezireksyon Kris, a 37-year-old self-proclaimed pastor.

An investigation is continuing to answer these questions, and the Ovilde has been charged with child endangerment, and aggravated manslaughter. Janvier is charged with endangerment too.  Rest in peace to Christiana and I pray that her surviving brother and sister are adopted into a loving home, and given the life all children should have.DYFS has some major answering to do.


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Source: Star Ledger