West Charlotte,NC-

Mom of 4 Orgal Opata (27) just pled guilty the death of her 2 young boys after a housefire last year. She was indicted last year for 2 cts. of murder, 4cts. exposing a child to fire, and then 3 cts. felony child abuse.. Just last Thursday, Opata pled to 2 counts of  involuntary manslaughter and 2 counts felony child abuse. Shet will spend  the next 10-13 years in prison as punishment.

What is so cruel about this case is it didn’ have to happen. This mom left her FOUR kids home alone o n a February night of last year- twice that night. She went out to a club (left the sleeping children), brought a man she met at the club home with her, then left w/the man to go off  to a hotel! 

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While she was off at this hotel, a kerosene heater caused a fire in the home- her 2 children, 2yr.old Josiah and 1 yr. Gabriel were trapped inside and .The other 2 kids managed to escape the blaze.

At the hearing Opatah said that she “wants the world to know “:

Never in a million years did I think something like this would happen to my family

but she is full of it, because the local news found that she had a pattern of leaving her kids alone, one was found by a stranger wandering the streets in just a diaper, and when police went into the home. no heat, no hot water, an infant lay face down in a dirty diaper, and the 4 year old was outdoors.

This is the same mom that had a dog in the house wearing an expensive dog collar, and often took trips to the nail salon and clubs, while her children were left unattended cold and probably hungry. I HAVE ZERO SYMPATHY for her. Thank God her older sons were adopted. RIP Josiah and Gabriel.