Berea, Ky-Two parents in Central Ky are now behind bars and police say they were a lledgedly selling their own 2 middle school-aged daughters for sexual favors.

Kathy and Anthony Hart, police say, offered up their 13, and 14 year olds  to older men for sexual purposes and in exchange, they got money, food, and clothing.

 The mother is said to have approached men in a local Walmart, asking if they wanted to “spend some time with”  her 2 daughters. The  father would also encourage the girls go off with these men, in order to get what he and his wife should have been providing for the kids themselves.

This is not this couple’s first trip on the sell-your-kid-rodeo, oh no. Back in 2002, the police caught Anthony Hart as he tried to sell his then 3-month -baby in a store parking lot for $3000. He was arrested,convicted and did a pitiful 2 years. Mom played the crazy/mental card in court and got off scott free back then. So who is the idiot  judge that  back the kids?  Does forced sterilization still seem like a terrible idea now? I didn’t think so.

Shout out to the state of Kentucky, You’re doing an awesome job keeping the children UNsafe at home! Wake Up!


Richmond Register