Calvert City, Kentucky-

Now, I know this one sounds just too STUPID to be true, but the Kentucky State Police can assure it is absolutely true!

On I-24 in Marshall County, Ky, police responded after several motorist called about  2 small children in the roadway. When police approached the location, they found a 2-year-old child lying on the inside edge of the Westbound lanes of the interstate. The toddler had a large cut to the back of the head.

The officers also found this lady Cynthia Palmer (29) who was walking in the median of the highway with another child. Yes, you guessed she is the children’s mother (unfortunately)  and she told the police she was traveling from Fort Campbell, TN to Ky with her kids. That’s not all. Seems she had been snorting bath salts and started to hallucinate while at the wheel.

Due to her hallucinations, she was forced to stop driving along the interstate get her kids out the vehicle,  and start carrying them across the westbound lanes of interstate 24. Palmer told the state troopers that she dropped her 2 year old on the road, and… left him there.

The troopers believe the drop by this dope of  a mom led to the toddler’s head injury and that child was taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville for treatment. The older child, age 5, was taken by the Tenn. social services, and hopefully neither one gets to EVER see mom again. So glad the kids weren’t killed because of this and hope for a speedy recovery for the 2 year old.


Kentucky State Police