Mom and Grandma Meadows


The baby’s mother and grandmother are still behind jail bars, and there is no word yet on a reason for either one of them or both placing the baby in that cave. However updated news reports are saying that 6 (six) men have come forward to claim paternity of the dead baby, and have taken test to find out. Authorities are also saying the 20-year-old mom of the dead newborn keeps changing her story and both have told several lies while questioned about this.

My question is WHY ARE THEY LYING? Just tell the truth and quit playing around with the police. IF they cannot do this, lock both of them under the jail and toss the key. Pure evilness!

Cave baby was found in

Here is a very upsetting story from Virginia-

Wythe County Virginia-
The body of a newborn baby was found wrapped in cloth in a small cave near Grahams Forge area on Thursday afternoon. Social Services had received an anonymous tip about the location of the baby and Wythe County law enforcement went to investigate. They found the baby “tucked away” in the cave, with no visible trauma to the body. Investigators still don’t know whether the baby was stillborn or died in the cave, but it was sent to the medical examiner’s office in Roanoke.

The newborn’s cause of death has not been found yet, but the baby’s mother, Ashley-April Meadows (20) and her mother Twyla J. Meadows (60) have both been charged with concealment of a body (a felony) and are now being held without bond at the New River Regional Jail. Their next court hearing is March 29th.

This is very confusing, heartbreaking, and makes me sad. A newborn might not have been murdered or harmed intentionally at all here, maybe it was a stillbirth–BUT why toss the little baby into a cold, small dark cave like that?? That seems sooo cruel and uncaring to me!

I don’t know what will happen to these two women, but the child didn’t deserve to be treated in that way. End of story.

Southwestern Virginia Today