Teen Mom Charged in Baby’s Death

Ridgeville, South Carolina-

Amber Lynn Bracci’s boyfriend now faces charges related to the death of her 16-month-old son.

John Weaver II faces child abuse charges, after the death of Rowan Bracci. The toddler died earlier this month from a head injury.

A Dorchester County Grand Jury indicted Bracci and Weaver last week on charges of homicide by child abuse.

Weaver is expected to go for a bond hearing on Wedensday.

Amber Lynn Bracci was indicted on Thursday with 1 count of homicide by child abuse. The minimum sentence is 20 years up to life in prison if she is convicted. (Source:WCBD)


Teen Mom Amber Bracci

This is Amber Lynn Bracci age 19, who was the mother of an adorable 16-month-old baby boy named, Rowan Bracci.

The Dorchester County Sheriff’s department began an investigation last weekend and held a press conference recently to announce the charges against Amber Lynn Bracci.

Amber appeared on a Charleston, TV station earlier in the week to talk about her story saying:

” I went in there and picked my son up out the bed at 10:30 in the morning and he was limp.”

“His eyes were closed and he was not responsive”, she told WCSC-TV.

Two days later the child died.

Rowan, 16 months

Amber has been charged with homocide by child abuse in little Rowan’s death.

Doctors at the hospital say that baby Rowan had severe brain swelling, They found evidence of past abuse just prior to the incident which led to Rowan’s murder.

Rowan (WMBF)

Amber says she loved her son with all her heart and she may not have “been a perfect mom”, did things she “regrets”, but are they things that led to her own baby’s horrible death?

If SHE didn’t do it, then WHO DID IT? Are they worth spending a significant amount of time behind prison bars?  Because, I don’t think anybody is worth that. So, she needs to say who did it– if it wasn’t her, or admit to the murder plain and simple. I hope she did not do this, I really do.

If she couldn’t care for the child and got frustrated and things got out of hand-why not ask for help? Count to 20? Go for a walk to cool off ?

Why not give the family to a trusted family member or to a loving foster family? 19 is still very young and it would have been much better to do that than to put the baby in harms way because of her or someone else’s temper due to immaturity don’t you think?

R.I.P  Rowan Bracci





Author: geminigirl07

fighting for child abuse awareness and prevention in America,continuing to be a child advocate-daily.Also am a huge Soap Opera fan B&B and Y&R, art, nature, photography too.

2 thoughts on “Teen Mom Charged in Baby’s Death”

  1. I have know Amber since we were 10 years old. I lived with her 3 months before Rowan passed away. Being around her and seeing the love she had for Rowan is enough to know she would never have harmed her son. Her whole life was about that boy, and she gave him every thing she could. She never hit him or pushed him or anything of that nature to hurt that child.

  2. well if she really did love her baby and tried and gave him everything to keep him out of harms way way did this happen to him? if it wasnt her and she knew her boyfriend was abusive she could of prevented his death a little toddler who will never know what his life would b like

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