Vancleve, Mississippi

This is John DeBlase, 27, and he used to have 2 small children, that is until he decided to end their lives and dump them in the woods like trash. He was arrested and charged with 2 counts of murder, after telling the police what he’d done. Then led the authorities to the body of his 3-year-old son, Johnathan Chance DeBlase. The little guy’s bones were found scattered about in the woods, off a highway in rural Mississippi. Special test had to be done to confirm the little boy’s identity.

At the time DeBlase son’s body was found, police also believe that he killed his daughter, Natalie DeBlase age 5, but they had not found her yet.

DeBlase and girlfriend, Heather  Leavell-Keaton were arrested during the investigation and  as police searched for his daughter’s body in Alabama and Mississippi.  Neither of these precious children were seen not for days, not for weeks, but MONTHS prior to their father’s horrid confession. What ??!! NOBODY NOTICED??!! Most people notice if a favorite shirt they have is not in their closet, or that they’ve misplaced their car keys or cell phone, WHO FORGETS CHILDREN? Where was the children’s mother?

I guess we have to give the dad’s ex Heather some credit because she was the one who put everyone on alert that the kids were gone. On Nov. 18, 2010, she filed a DVO on John DeBlase and in it she wrote that John was “abusive” and that “he may have killed his 2 children over the summer” The two of them had a baby daughter this summer too, and in the DVO Heather said:

“I’m afraid he is going to do something to harm our daughter because of what he has done to the other children”…


DeBlase and Keaton are both in jail now and police say both of them are a fault for the death of children, after  Natalie DeB lase’s body was finally located in the woods in Mobile, Al. in late December 2010.

The father told the police he dumped his son’s body back in March and the daughter’s was dumped in June. 

This is seriously sick, I do hope these two will face death row, and maybe after they are dead, the state can dump their bodies in the woods among the vultures coyotes and bears.