Zahra Clare Baker, cancer survivor

I’m sure most of the readers of this blog have heard about the little girl  (with the most adorable smile ever) missing from North Carolina, Zahra Clare Baker (10). Zahra is a two-time cancer survivor who has beat bone cancer at the tender age of 5 years old and then was diagnosed with secondary lung cancer back  in  2007, which media reports have said was now in remission.

Zahra waits for hearing aid

The little girl was last seen in September and the law enforcement has been unable to find anyone outside her family that can corroborate this statement-just her Father,  Adam Baker (a native of Queensland Australia) and his wife Elisa Baker, (American-born Elisa  and dad met online then married in 2009). 

Elisa Baker has recently been arrested for an obstruction of justice charge (as well as other bad check and theft charges and jailed)  for writing a bizarre ransom letter reportedly directed at Adam Baker’s boss and child. In addition Adam Baker is said to no longer be cooperating with authorities in the search for HIS DAUGHTER.  How does a parent NOT help the law enforcement in the process of finding their child???!!  Perhaps the guilty ones don’t?

Zahra missing from home

 Zahra was described as a “bubbly” “determined” “shy child”, “who was always smiling.” She had lost the ability to hear due to the cancer, and wore a prosthetic leg, after an amputation had to be done. Still she remained a positive upbeat child, her family and friends back in Australia say.

People here in the states that knew Zahra say that her stepmother made her life hell, by locking her in her room for hours, being hit by her stepmom and being made to walk long distances on her prosthetic leg. PEOPLE saw this and contacted DSS and apparently nothing was done-or more likely These parents moved a few counties over to escape the heat of DSS. Because this is what many abusive parents do!

Zahra attended Caldwell County’s Hudson Elementary last year and when a guidance counselor asked about her whereabouts back in August, the parents told them the girl would be homeschooled from then on AND that they had moved to a new county. These are red flags to me here.  I hate to keep harping against the homeschooling thing—but here AGAIN seems  to be another case where child abuse/neglect possibly led to a child’s murder, all hidden under the cloak of parents home schooling their children!

The state of NC is supposed to require parents to fill out papers and keep accurate records of the homeschooling of  their children-BUT guess what? according to one report the state does not track those children who are homeschooled?

So I could basically pull my child out of school (because I feel it’s my parental right) give them little to no schooling at all, beat them snotless for days at a time, no medical checkups/physical and nobody is accountable to check and see if my child is really even getting an appropriate education NOR that i would be using “homeschooling” as a clever disguise for child abuse! WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE HERE? The local county, the state?  Tell me who???

I hope that they find little Zahra, I truly do and I want her safe and alive, but as time passes I know it’s unlikely, and it’s just not fair that a child who fought so hard to be here, had her life taken like this. Justice for Zahra!