Majd Al-Shara


Lenox Township, Michigan-    

40-year-old Majd Mohammed Al-Shara was pouring  liquid into a metal fire pit with some type of accelerant and it ended up exploding. When it exploded his 6 year-old-daughter’s clothes caught on fire. Witnesses at the scene say they tried to put out the fire with blankets and some even tried jumping on the child to get the fire out. The girl suffered burns to 90% of her little body, dying a few days later. Al-Shara was charged with a second degree child abuse, but then when the child died from burn injuries, the prosecutor is thinking of making him face homicide charges too.  
See, this one is kind of hard for me, because it isn’t like the father threw the child into the pit on purpose. He didn’t intend to hurt his child, while so many other parents feature here on UNsafe at Home DO want to harm their child. 

It was truly an accident, however-when a parent is dealing with something as dangerous as fire and allows the child to be around it…if the child is harmed in any way, there needs to be legal consequences because the parent is responsible to protect their child. I don’t want this man in jail, the nightmares he will have of his daughter burning will be punishment enough.