Baby Rowan




Randel E. Richardson, 36, was charged Tuesday in Hennepin County on one count of first degree murder in the death of his  infant son, Rowan Richardson.    

According to a criminal complaint, Eden Prairie police were called to the  home on Evenston Road around 5:34 p.m. Saturday. Firefighters were giving baby Rowan CPR, and    

“water was spraying out of the child’s mouth with each back blow delivered by the first responders.”    


As this was happening, Kari Richardson – the boy’s mom and Randel’s wife – was screaming hysterically, “He killed my baby!” Randel Richardson was sitting on the couch at the time, telling officers “I did this on purpose.”    

After this, Richardson was arrested and read his rights. He told police he was home alone with Rowan while his wife was out shopping. He said he had a phone conversation with his wife, then went downstairs to the laundry tub, filled it partially with cold water and held the boy down while he struggled. When Rowan Richardson stopped struggling, Randel left him in the tub, went back upstairs and waited for his wife to come home.    

Kari Richardson told  news channel FOX 9’s Scott Wasserman she arrived at the Eden Prairie home shortly before the 911 call was made and found Rowan unresponsive and:    

 “This came on so sudden,” Richardson said. “He had no history of mental illness.” “He would never hurt anyone if he was in his right mind,” Kari said Sunday“My husband is a good person and a good man,” she said. “His mental illness has taken him away from me.”    

Ummm but what about the dead baby??? He has been taken away too, he won’t even get a chance to be an adult thanks to his own father!Somehow I can’t believe Mr. Richardson is a good man simply because the very LAST thing on a good man’s mind would be to take the life of their own baby son in a wash tub! Somebody go shake this mother back to reality please. Hope with all my heart there are no remaining children in that home. RIP baby Rowan.    


Fox 9 News