Chesterfield, SC

Two grandparents, Cheri Crawford and her husband, James Crawford will now have to spend nearly a decade behind bars for abusing their three grandkids. The couple just plead guilty to 3 counts of unlawful neglect of a child (umm they must have had a lawyer get the state to drop the child endangerment or child cruelty charges I guess???) and they admitted in the court hearings to abusing the children, starting in 2009.

The court proceedings revealed:

  • That one of the children was forced to “physically abuse his brothers w/a shock collar.
  • The couple also used the same collar to abuse the boys as well as goat whips (I don’t think I know what it looks like but it just SOUNDS like it hurts like hell) and a hose.
  • The children were removed from school, and said to be “homeschooled’ by the Crawfords but instead of any schooling going on-they were treated like little slaves, forced to dig holes on the property and fill them up, forced to rake pine needles and 1 had to live in a trailer without running water or electricity, and the other boy had to live in a shed,  and blindfolded every night.
  • The children had to eat sour food, and had to stand up while they ate  meals and used a bucket as a toilet.

The abuse came to light when one of the neighbors saw Grandma Carter chasing one of her crying grandchildren while riding in a golf cart as she was screaming at the boy (seriously).

On sentencing day Grandpa Crawford received  7 years, while Grandma got 8 years-with probation sure to follow.  What they did to these children was NOT discipline, but serious abuse and seriously cruel.

 Enjoy the time in prison you idiots, you will probably be missing many family reunions and get togethers, but of course it is YOUR OWN fault.

Source: WBTV