Mom and Boyfriend Charged for Beating,Starving and Tying Up Kids

Santa Ana, California   

Cheryl Ann Stuart (25) along with her boyfriend Mario Colin (31) were arrested for willful cruelty to a child and inflicting injury upon a child. They are now held on a $100,000 bond.   

Beat,Starved and Tied Up Children


The children were discovered at the home when police were tipped off by the mother’s landlord to do a welfare check on the two boys. When the police arrived they saw that the 2-year-old boy had bruises to his face and cheek and he had dry,cracked and bloody lips.   

The 5-year-old boy had swollen arms and appeared to be very dehydrated.  The boys were both so malnourished that their ribs could clearly be seen through their skin.   

Both of these children were observed to have knots and bruises  on their heads in different stages of healing. They were taken to the hospital to be treated for malnutrition and injuries and are expected to recover.   

Cops say the mother Cheryl Ann Stuart “admitted to the abuse, but said she never hit them that hard.” She explained she had tied the children to their beds with bandages and shoelaces to stop them from running odd while she was sleeping. Who could blame these children for wanting to make a run for it while this evil mom was asleep? Parental  rights need to be severed ASAP. End of story. I pray for these boys to recover mentally,emotionally as well as physically. 

 From: KTLA

Author: geminigirl07

fighting for child abuse awareness and prevention in America,continuing to be a child advocate-daily.Also am a huge Soap Opera fan B&B and Y&R, art, nature, photography too.

1 thought on “Mom and Boyfriend Charged for Beating,Starving and Tying Up Kids”

  1. Why is his picture not being posted in all the news reports? I had to look here to find it. Sorry about him having a wife and all, but he’s been charged also.

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