Muncie Indiana,

Lauren McConniel

Back in March, little Lauren Michele  McConniel , died from malnourishment and salt poisoning, police said. The child weighed less than the average 30-month-old child, and had extremely high levels of salt/sodium in her system, and several bruises on her when she died. Her father Ryan McConniel and stepmother Brittany told authorities of bizarre behavior they say Lauren was doing. Some of those things included:

  • Mutilating her toys
  • Eating food out of the trash
  • Biting herself and other children in the home and drawing blood
  • Eating her own vomit
Ryan and Brittany McConniel

Those are just some of the behaviors, to find out more of the bizarre actions, you will need to read the probable cause affidavits:  Brittany-L-Mcconniel and Ryan-Mcconniel.  What is even more shocking is that these “parents” never consulted any doctors about this behavior they say the child was displaying.  

She had regressed to even  wearing diapers and barely speaking, would rock back and forth and had broken fingers on a hand that “looked as if the fingers were chewed off.”

There were 8 other people living in their home, and none of the adults reported anything to the police or child protective services. But Lauren’s 9 year old sister did tell the police when interviewed about seeing her sister beaten by their father and stepmother and how it made her cry.

Lauren's Vigil in June '10

 Now Lauren’s older sister is back in the care of her bio. mom (who was denied visits to see her children and lied to by Ryan after he got custodyof them) but her baby sister is gone, and all the adults who saw something, or suspected the mistreatment of this child should pay a big price for allowing this child to die, when she didn’t have to. Both Ryan and Brittany McConniel were charged with the class A felony neglect of a dependent, resulting in death and taken to the Delaware County Jail.