Lexington, County South Carolina-

The  Lexington Sheriff’s Department arrested a 24-year-old mother and her (eww) 41 year-old boyfriend (who had left the scene of a car accident), after discovering her two and four-year old daughters home alone. Amanda Leigh Justice  and Joey Dean Lucas of Pelion, left the two girls and were later located on a  highway driving a stolen truck. ( this is just going from bad to worse! )

The children were found inside a home owned by Lucas in extremely neglectful conditions. In a room that was kept shut by shoelaces tied to it and hammered with nails, their mother made certain the children couldn’t possibly escape.

The girls, naked from the waist down, and were surrounded by toys, human feces and trash scattered about. The smaller girl had a shirt soaked with urine, and in another room of the house, pipes were found, which may have been used to smoke marijuana. They are in the Lexington County Jail under $200,000 bonds, with Justice charged with 2 counts. of  unlawful conduct towards a child by a legal custodian and child endangerment. They face  a maximum  of 10 years in prison if convicted under South Carolina law.

Lets hope they get that and more and that Amanda Justice (who doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of a babysitter)  never gets her kids back.