Pain pill taking-baby-selling daddy

 Cosby,TN-This is heartbreaking. A man in East TN, 38-year-old father Marty Ball, tried to sell his 17-month-old son in exchange for 10 Roxycontin pills. An officer from the area got information that Ball and a woman Jennifer Turner were going to meet at a nearby gas station to make the exchange. 

Drug: roxycontin

 But investigators from the Cocke County Sheriff’s office arrived at the scene and Ball was arrested for several charges including child neglect.


Jennifer Turner

The woman turns out to be the baby’s maternal aunt, who was trying to get the child away from his father’s home and into her custody. Wile she admits to the attempted exchange being a “big screw up”, she told  law enforcement, the mother, (her sister Melinda Reed) and the child’s father were so heavily into drugs  she was only trying to save her nephew from that enviroment and she said she was sorry for it.

I do think the aunt was trying to help the child because she saw what his living conditions were like and his lack of care from his addicted parents, however she could have went about it a different way. What do you think?

Would you break the law to keep a child safe from their abusive or neglectful parents ?

Source: WATE-TV and WBIR