Telford, Tennessee-

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Five siblings have now been removed from a  squalid living environment not fit for kids nor beasts. The children ages 7 to 13 years old,  are doing well now, and have received lots of attention and necessities thanks to a huge outpouring of gifts, money and support from their local community.

The investigation had began when authorities arrested Robert H Simons
III; age 53 and Mary E Tittle; age 37 of 147 Miller Road Jonesborough.

(Also arrested was the children’s grandmother, Roberta Sauls, age 57 on
charges of criminal responsibility for the conduct of another in
reference to 5 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse, child Neglect or

The investigators, joined by the Department of Children Services found the children were living  in extremely deplorable  living conditions. The children had not been bathed in over two weeks time.

They had never attended school of any kind. The children
could not read or write, and none had even known their ages. 

One girl had an infection which was caused by a rat bite that
was never even seen by a doctor. That girl is in stage 3-4 kidney failure and the medication and treatment for that condition was not being given to

Due to the rat bite some of the children were having to live on a bus parked in the front yard. However,the bus had: no running water, no bathroom. 

“The yard was littered with broken objects and trash. The occupants of the residence were using the yard for a bathroom. One of the children had only one shoe.  The conditions at the address were the worst that been seen in several years.”

The family had moved to Tennessee when DCS in Pennsylvania had started an investigation into the children’s lack of schooling.
The five children were removed from the home  fed, clothed, taken for
medical exams and then were all put into foster care  together, until more
permanent arrangements could be made.

Simons and Tittle were each charged with 5 counts of Child Abuse,
Child Neglect of Endangerment. Their bonds were each set at $50,000.
During subsequent hearings both their charges were upgraded to
Aggravated Child Abuse, Child Neglect or Endangerment.

These parents ought to be ashamed of themselves, they allowed their kids to live in outright filth, denied them an education AND proper medical care-b ut I bet they were hurrying to get and cash those disability checks they got that were FOR THE CHILDREN! More and more forced sterilization is looking like a pretty good idea to me. Really. There is no reason for children to ever live under those conditions.