In a disturbing  case out of Dade County Georgia parents have been charged with incest of their 18-year-old relative. It all began as a call about a newborn baby not breathing, but soon after things got tragically worse. Sadly the babyhas died and what  its 18-year-old mother told authorities led to the realization that the dead baby was a product of incest.

Police say that Richard Steven Bryson is the father of the baby and he was soon charged with that crime. Shortly after, Mary Stephanie Bryson was charged with  incest as a party to the crime. The couple has 7 children total, who are now in foster care.  Another disturbing note? Back in 1997 when the same girl was a child-Bryson was charged with molestation then, however he was later acquitted.  So… what happened there???? Why was this poor girl sent BACK to her molester and rapist to be impregnated and whydid it take a baby’s life to ultimately end her abuse?

The Brysons are in Dade County jail under  a $100,00 bond each. The investigation continues, and an autopsy will be done on the baby to determine the cause of death. The case is being sent to the grand jury.

Source: WRCBtv