PHOENIX , AZ- A 14-year-old  girl, malnourished and fed only every day or two, sat locked in a bathroom next to a 5-gallon bucket containing human waste for two months, until she escaped through an attic, according to police.

Police say the teenager was also beaten with rods and belts and pulled by the hair when she couldn’t withstand the exercises her father, Scott Bass, forced her to do.

Bass told investigators he locked his daughter in the bathroom because she stole food from the kitchen and cheated on a home-school test.

(I’m sorry-um..WHAT is it with these parents and the stealing food thing? I must have missed somethingalong the way…but aren’t parents SUPPOSED TO FEED THEIR KIDS???!! and to lock a child away for ‘cheating’ on a home-school test-…really? Complete stupidity and I hope this girl is never in her father’s custody ever again.

Source:Associated Press