Brownsville, Texas-

Ines Parents
Ines parents

 Leticia and Alfredo Ines were determined that their 12-year-old daughter would NOT steal food from the refrigerator. So to make absolute sure she’d stay out–they locked the girl in a closet with no electricity and no heat.The girl used a bucket for a toilet, that she was made to clean everyday.

She was only let out of  “captivity” to go to school. It took one of the girl’s three  brave brothers to come forward and  inform the  school officials, who began an investigation into the matter.

When police came to their home, they found the girl held in the closet, so malnourished that she looked “more like an 8 or 9-year-old than a child of 12.” Leticia, 40, and Alfredo, 41, were each charged with second-degree injury to a child and unlawful restraint. Bond has been set at $275,000.

Two sick individuals who should be locked away in a cell (I hope, for years)-just  like they locked their child away, and while the girl was starved in that closet-these two creeps will get a nice 3 meals a day. How fair is that? NOT FAIR!