Delton Wis. — Court documents say the parents of a thirteen year old boy  now charged with killing his father contained accusations of child abuse of the boy during a long  bitter divorce and custody fight.
Authorities say Michael Crisafulli, 13, shot his father Angelo Crisafulli, 55, in the back of the head after the boy had been expelled from his school.
Records show on Jun. 22, 2006, an attorney for the boy’s mother alleged Angelo Crisafulli had abused the boy.

“Crisafulli punched Michael in the stomach,”   stated Mauston attorney Rebecca Richards-Bria.

“This was reported by the child to his teachers and social workers.”

Soon after, records showed Angelo Crisafulli accused his former wife, Kristine Crisafulli with hitting the boy in the head with a bottle.

There were “several incidents of physical abuse of Michael,”  Angelo Crisafulli stated.

Michael is being held under a $500,000 bond and he was taken to a mental facility to be evaluated. I hope all issues are  fully examined to see what led up to this boy taking his father’s life.