Palm Bay Florida-

(*Listen to the 911 Call Michael David Bargerone from this loser!)

A 24-year-old father is now behind  bars, under observation and his two-year-old son continues pm will endure a painful recovery from burns caused by falling right into a fire pit.

Michael David Bargeron of Palm Bay Fla.,was arrested after police said he wrestled with the child near a burning fire pit during a New Year’s Eve party at his home. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond and will face a Feb. 23 hearing on the charges.

Detectives said Bargeron appeared to be intoxicated and had called 9-1-1 in an effort to find out whether his child was at the hospital. The child’s mother, and Bargeron’s wife, already had taken the boy and rushed him to the hospital about 1:30 a.m.

“Do you have any record of a 3-year-old checking in,” Bargeron asked a Palm Bay 9-1-1 dispatcher  during the call. The dispatcher told Bargeron to “sober up” and clarify his request.

“He was described as extremely intoxicated at the time of the incident,” recalled Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Palm Bay Police Department.“Basically, he didn’t know where his son was or where the incident occurred.”

Witnesses told police Bargeron was dismissive of warnings at the party as he played with the child near the rising flames.

Police said the child then fell into the pit, but Bargeron failed to pull him out. The child suffered burns on his hands, arms, stomach and buttocks, Martinez said.

The Department of Children and Families also is looking into the incident. Bargeron’s other child, a 15-month-old, was  being cared for by family members.

source: WFTV and Palm Beach Post