On Tuesday, December 29, 2009, firefighters arrived at a home at 1580 Huntington Lane in Clearwater, Florida. They find Nancy Broadhead badly burned, suffering from smoke inhalation and rushed her to the hospital.

What everyone didn’t know was that before the fire, Nancy’s daughter and her 15-year-old boyfriend entered her bedroom with a gasoline can, they emptied it on the floor and bed. They then lit the accelerant, then escaped in the woman’s 2007 Ford Focus.

The two kids were arrested early Tuesday for attempted murder and arson resulting in injury. The 15-year-old boy Jack Ault, was charged with grand theft of Broadhead’s 2007 Ford Focus.

Samantha Broadhead, just 11 years old- is the daughter of  Nancy Brodhead. I know everyone is shocked about this entire incident what with the girl being all of eleven years old (don’t they still play with Barbie Dolls anymore?) and at first I thought ‘they need to lock this kid and her boyfriend up and throw away the key’.

But my thoughts quickly changed when I read more about the story and the fact that this woman, Nancy Broadhead has a past record for abuse and neglect not only of her daughter-but her sons as well.

There are reports of Nancy Broadhead driving drunk with a 4-year-old Samantha in the car, and more recent reports of Nancy beating the child, and beating those  who came to defend the girl.

The Tampa Bay news sources have said;

Police cruisers outside the house have been a familiar sight. Within the past year, Clearwater police responded to seven calls, not including the fire Tuesday, at the Broadhead home at 1580 Huntington Lane.

On Thursday, police released reports generated by three of those calls. Though heavily redacted because of the girl’s age, they refer to a runaway juvenile who refuses to come home, holes punched in the wall and marijuana in plain view.

I am not making excuses for this girl, for her actions were horrific, but it has to make you wonder what life she had to endure with her mother inside that home that made her want to try to kill her mother and at 11 ??? Her reaction was the product of how she was nurtured, or  the lack of nurturing.

My point is, obviously bad parenting, abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol abuse all lead up to this. How much more can a child take being beat, slapped in the face, being ignored and neglected with a parent choosing drugs/alcohol and men- can a child take?

I certainly don’t condone what Samantha did, yet I can clearly see it was a series of things that led up to this, a life of abuse and neglect had  a  big part in this happening. I only hope that this young girl gets the  help she needs, it isn’t too late.


Source: TampaBay Online