Jessika Haberle (3)

3-year-old Jessika Toledo Haberle died of an overdose of her mom’s prescribed methadone  at their home in Feb. 2009.  Her mother, Tracie Schuler (42) was charged with second-degree murder in her daughter’s death.  


On the night of Jessika’s death, Schuler frantically called 911 to their home on 930 Lepori Way. Sparks police department arrived and found the child not breathing and unresponsive. EMS was not able to revive Jessika. That same night-investigators found bottles of methadone on the table in the home near where the child was found. Toxicology reports from the autopsy showed Jessika died from legal levels of methadone in her system. Soon after, Tracie Schuler was taken into custody charged with child neglect and child endangerment. 

Tracie Schuler

Court records revealed that little Jessika was born with an addiction to methadone, which is a drug used to help with drug withdrawal symptoms.  The Sparks Tribune said that the child was prescribed a small amount of  the Methadone as a newborn to “wean her off the drug.”  At 3 years old, I highly doubt the child still needed the methadone, so this was neglect as far as I am concerned. 

I read where the mom was demanding to know about what happened to her precious daughter and that the cops were not “giving  answers”. The cops were not giving you answers mom because it’s plain as day: you’re drug abuse addiction lead to the death of your daughter, and your neglect of keeping the methadone locked up and away from her is why she is gone, as well as your absolute stupidity. 

Now, I don’t think mom is  like others I’ve covered who intentionally beat or starve their kid to death. But COME ON, the police also found drug paraphernalia in the home as well, near where Jessika slept. So…it is quite obvious that Schuler was not going out of her way to keep her child safe or alive for that matter, and I hope she pays the price for that. She was indicted and now facing trial after the new year.

Rest in Peace, Jessika