Shaniya Davis, 5Sadly, as most of you now know, this little 5-year-old from North Carolina named Shaniya Nicole Davis, was just found dead in a rural part of Sanford, NC. Her tiny body was found next to some bagged deer carcasses, discarded like trash.  However, Shaniya’s death is hardly the last  missing piece  in the puzzle surrounding her kidnapping, but it’s an end to which many of us watching the case nationwide hoped would end with the child being found alive. Especially after we saw a man (Andrette McNeil) carrying her in his arms at a  hotel, not long after her mom reported her missing.

The case took a  quite sickening turn when it was discovered by the NC law enforcement that the mother of this beautiful child, Antoinette Davis (25) knew that she was not kidnapped, but actually sold  her little girl into sexual slavery.

According to news reports, the authorities have charged Shaniya’s mother with the following:

human trafficking and felony child abuse, in connection with Shaniya’s disappearance.

I am outraged and almost speechless with horror. That a mother could hand over her child to some pervert for… his sick pleasure for what?for drug debts? to get drugs? I am sick over this, and now the poor child is dead. I thought I had heard the worst, and then this comes along.

NC newest candidate for death rowAntoinette Davis has no soul, no heart and certainly had NO BUSINESS having Shaniya in her care or custody! At any time! My heart breaks into a million pieces thinking about  what Shaniya had to endure because her mom cared more about drugs  more than being a mother to her and protecting her from harm.

This is a gut-wrenching tragedy and we need to DEMAND justice for Shaniya, and have some laws changed in her name. I feel it in my heart that there are more people who knew the mom/family of this child, and had to know what was going on! People that know things and sit by and sit silently are no better than this soulless mother, and the disgusting pervert who took Shaniya’s life.

If CPS was aware that mom was a drug abusing wh*re and sat by and did nothing they too have Shaniya’s death on their hands. All of those involved in this child’s death should be strapped to a chair and given the needle. As for mom:FORCED STERILIZATION is a must. She was not a real mother and never deserved to have children.

Rest in peace little Shaniya,

There had  better  be justice!!!