Harrison, Arkansas-



Police have arrested husband and wife,
Tommie J. Barber Sr (38) and Anna Barber (54) following an investigation into a complaint of child neglect.

Barber Sr.

The couple are accused of basically holding their children an 8 and 10 year old) captive in their home, and rarely allowing them outside. Investigators say the children were…

 kept in a small room with the windows borded shut and the doors padlocked from the outside.

When the children were allowed to be outside, their parents would chain them to to a tire.

Anna Barber

The children lived in filth, stayed in a borded up room with a padlock. These children were forced to use a potty chair to  go to the bathroom. They have not attended any school, and are not able to read and write.  Due to the children being so isolated, or hidden from the rest of society–DHS didn’t know these children even existed,they said.

The parents have been charged with 2 counts of endangering the welfare of  minors, bond was set at 1o,ooo and for some reason, these monsters have been allowed out on bond, and did so within hours of being charged. What a way  to show the children of your state you care about them Arkansas!


Source: Ky3 News