Seymour Missouri-

Some not as innocent as they appear...

Even the Amish are not immune to doing very evil things unto others, and that evil includes molesting their very own children. Johnny Schwartz (36)  was charged last month with numerous sex offense charges related to the  alleged ongoing molestation of his daughters.  His wife, Fannie Schwartz has also been charged for not reporting the abuse of the girls to the authorities. This serves her just right for telling the investigators that the molestation of her “didn’t bother her like it should have.” Wow, there’s got to be some cow this woman has milked that’s a better mother than she is!



                        The Worst Amish Parents Ever

When questioned, the children told the investigators that their father had benn shunned by the church for molesting them, and that he had told them he was “sorry but could not stop.”

Well, now that dad has been charged with several counts of statutory sodomy and child molestation, and will be in jail, I know he will stop now.